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Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of Electrical Motors—A Review
Recently, research has picked up a fervent pace in the area of fault diagnosis of electrical machines. The manufacturers and users of these drives are now keen to include diagnostic features in theExpand
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Spatial risk assessment and sources identification of heavy metals in surface sediments from the Dongting Lake, Middle China
Abstract Surface sediment (0–10 cm) samples were collected from 12 typical sites throughout the Dongting Lake. Samples were detected by inductively coupled plasma–mass spectrometry and atomicExpand
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Phase Retrieval from Coded Diffraction Patterns
This paper considers the question of recovering the phase of an object from intensity-only measurements, a problem which naturally appears in X-ray crystallography and related disciplines. Expand
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Whole-exome and targeted gene sequencing of gallbladder carcinoma identifies recurrent mutations in the ErbB pathway
Individuals with gallbladder carcinoma (GBC), the most aggressive malignancy of the biliary tract, have a poor prognosis. Here we report the identification of somatic mutations for GBC in 57Expand
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Dietary exposure to persistent organochlorine pesticides in 2007 Chinese total diet study.
Dietary exposure to persistent organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) was assessed for Chinese populations, using the total diet study (TDS) approach in 2007. Multistage random cluster sampling method wasExpand
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Intrinsic transport properties of electrons and holes in monolayer transition-metal dichalcogenides
Intrinsic electron- and hole-phonon interactions are investigated in monolayer transition-metal dichalcogenides $M{X}_{2}$ (M=Mo, W; X=S, Se) based on a density functional theory formalism. Due toExpand
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Overproduction of fatty acids in engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae
The long hydrocarbon fatty acyl chain is energy rich, making it an ideal precursor for liquid transportation fuels and high‐value oleo chemicals. As Saccharomyces cerevisiae has many advantages forExpand
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Microplastics in sewage sludge from the wastewater treatment plants in China.
Sludge disposal such as land application is suspected as a significant source of microplastic (MP) pollution in the environment. To examine such a hypothesis, the present study was conducted toExpand
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Mutual disambiguation of 3D multimodal interaction in augmented and virtual reality
We describe an approach to 3D multimodal interaction in immersive augmented and virtual reality environments that accounts for the uncertain nature of the information sources, and show through a user study how mutual disambiguation of these modalities and information sources accounts for over 45% of the successful 3D multi-dimensional interpretations. Expand
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AM630, a competitive cannabinoid receptor antagonist.
AM630 (iodopravadoline), a novel aminoalkylindole, has been found to attenuate the ability of a number of cannabinoids to inhibit electrically-evoked twitches of the mouse isolated vas deferens. ItExpand
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