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The Effect of Disclosures by Management, Analysts, and Business Press on Cost of Capital, Return Volatility, and Analyst Forecasts: A Study Using Content Analysis
ABSTRACT: We document systematic evidence of risk effects of disclosures culled from a virtually exhaustive set of sources from the print medium. We content analyze more than 100,000 disclosureExpand
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Can Strong Boards and Trading Their Own Firm’s Stock Help CEOs Make Better Decisions? Evidence from Acquisitions by Overconfident CEOs
Little evidence exists on whether boards help managers make better decisions. We provide evidence that strong and independent boards help overconfident chief executive officers (CEOs) avoid honestExpand
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Evaluating the Effectiveness of Destination Marketing Organisations' Websites: Evidence from China
Despite the extensive use of the Internet as a marketing tool by Chinese destination marketing organisations (DMOs), few studies have been conducted to measure the effectiveness of Chinese DMOs'Expand
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Differences in Conference Call Tones: Managers vs. Analysts
In this study, the authors extracted the linguistic tones of managers and analysts during earnings conference calls and examined the differences between them. The authors found that manager tonesExpand
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China in the Eyes of Western Travelers as Represented in Travel Blogs
ABSTRACT Travel blogs provide a new way of understanding consumers' perceptions on destination and its associated products. The purpose of this study was to examine international tourists'Expand
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Career Adapt-Abilities Scale--China Form: Construction and Initial Validation.
Abstract The Career Adapt-Abilities Scale (CAAS)—China Form consists of four subscales, with six items each to measure Concern, Control, Curiosity, and Confidence as psychosocial resources forExpand
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Measuring the effectiveness of US official state tourism websites
This study attempts to apply the ICTRT (information, communication, transaction, relationship and technical merit) model to assess the effectiveness of US official state tourism websites throughExpand
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Present and future hotel website marketing activities: change propensity analysis.
Abstract The objective of this study is to examine and predict website marketing activities of US hotels. An online survey is conducted to collect data from members of three major hotel associationsExpand
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Shared and distinct factors driving attention and temporal processing across modalities.
In addition to the classic finding that "sounds are judged longer than lights," the timing of auditory stimuli is often more precise and accurate than is the timing of visual stimuli. In cognitiveExpand
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Flowering responses to light and temperature
Light and temperature signals are the most important environmental cues regulating plant growth and development. Plants have evolved various strategies to prepare for, and adapt to environmentalExpand
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