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Comparing Twitter and Traditional Media Using Topic Models
We empirically compare the content of Twitter with a traditional news medium, New York Times, using unsupervised topic modeling. Expand
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Jointly Modeling Aspects and Opinions with a MaxEnt-LDA Hybrid
We propose a MaxEnt-LDA hybrid model to jointly discover both aspects and aspect-specific opinion words. Expand
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Geometry-Based Edge Clustering for Graph Visualization
We propose a novel geometry-based edge-clustering framework that can group edges into bundles to reduce the overall edge crossings. Expand
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TNF-RII and c-IAP1 mediate ubiquitination and degradation of TRAF2
Tumour necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) is a proinflammatory mediator that exerts its biological functions by binding two TNF receptors (TNF-RI and TNF-RII), which initiate biological responses byExpand
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Jigsaw: indoor floor plan reconstruction via mobile crowdsensing
We propose Jigsaw, a floor plan reconstruction system that leverages crowdsensed data from mobile users to construct the floor plans of complex indoor environments. Expand
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Elastic sketch: adaptive and fast network-wide measurements
When network is undergoing problems such as congestion, scan attack, DDoS attack, etc., measurements are much more important than usual. In this case, traffic characteristics including availableExpand
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Efficacy, safety, and tolerability of herpes zoster vaccine in persons aged 50-59 years.
BACKGROUND Herpes zoster (HZ) adversely affects individuals aged 50-59, but vaccine efficacy has not been assessed in this population. This study was designed to determine the efficacy, safety, andExpand
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Shift-Net: Image Inpainting via Deep Feature Rearrangement
In this paper, we introduce a special shift-connection layer to U-Net architecture, namely Shift-Net, for filling in missing regions of any shape with sharp structures and fine-detailed textures. Expand
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Behavioral Studies of Female Sex Workers in China: A Literature Review and Recommendation for Future Research
Commercial sex plays a critical role in the heterosexual transmission of HIV in China. This study reviews behavioral studies in English literature on female sex workers (FSWs) in China from 1990 toExpand
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Relative influences of perceived parental monitoring and perceived peer involvement on adolescent risk behaviors: an analysis of six cross-sectional data sets.
PURPOSE To assess: (a) the relative impact of monitoring and peer involvement among six cohorts of African-American youth in their mid-adolescent years, over a decade of research in one urban area,Expand
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