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Improvement of recoverability of a nanoporous energy absorption system by using chemical admixture
In this paper, the behaviors of nanoporous energy absorption systems subjected to cyclic loadings are investigated. The systems consist of hydrophobic mesoporous silica particles immersed in aqueousExpand
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Energy absorption of a nanoporous system subjected to dynamic loadings
In a previous study [X. Kong and Y. Qiao, Appl. Phys. Lett. 86, 151919 (2005)], we analyzed the energy absorption behaviors of a nanoporous system subjected to quasi-static loadings. In this work,Expand
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Temperature dependence of working pressure of a nanoporous liquid spring
The thermal effect on nanofluidic behaviors in a hydrophobic zeolite is investigated experimentally. At a constant temperature, water can be forced to infiltrate into the nanopores as an externalExpand
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Energy absorption performance of steel tubes enhanced by a nanoporous material functionalized liquid
The compressive behaviors of steel cells enhanced by a nanoporous silica functionalized liquid are investigated. As the empty space in the ductile cell is filled by an aqueous suspension ofExpand
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An electrically controllable nanoporous smart system
The major problems of conventional intelligent materials include the small output forces and the poor deformability. In this article, we show that by directly utilizing the large specific surfaceExpand
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Crack trapping effect of persistent grain boundary islands
In the polycrystalline Fe-Si alloy, when a cleavage front transmits from one grain to another, it first penetrates stably across the grain boundary at a number of breakthrough points (BTPs) thatExpand
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Effective Dewetting in a Microporous Particle
In this paper, the kinetics of the outflow in a microporous particle infiltrated by a non-wetting liquid is analyzed in context of effective phase transformation. The dewetting process is consideredExpand
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Pressure induced liquid infiltration in nanopores
In this article, we report the results of an infiltration∕defiltration experiment of a hydrophobic nanoporous silica gel. As the pressure is increased to the critical value, water can be forced intoExpand
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Energy absorption of nanoporous silica particles in aqueous solutions of sodium chloride
An experimental study is carried out on the effect of chemical admixtures, particularly sodium chloride, on the energy absorption behaviour of a hydrophobic nanoporous silica. As the pressureExpand
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Thermal effects on pressure-induced infiltration of a nanoporous system
Thermal effects on the energy absorption efficiency of a system consisting of hydrophobic mesoporous silica particles immersed in water have been investigated. As the temperature increases, althoughExpand
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