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Sensor positioning in wireless ad-hoc sensor networks using multidimensional scaling
  • X. Ji
  • Computer Science
  • 7 March 2004
A distributed sensor positioning method based on multidimensional scaling is proposed to get the accurate position estimation and reduce error cumulation. Expand
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Dynamic cluster structure for object detection and tracking in wireless ad-hoc sensor networks
We propose a dynamic cluster structure to track the movement of boundaries and facilitate the fusion and dissemination of boundary information in a sensor network. Expand
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Document clustering with prior knowledge
  • X. Ji, W. Xu
  • Computer Science
  • SIGIR '06
  • 6 August 2006
We propose to incorporate prior knowledge of cluster membership for document cluster analysis and develop a novel semi-supervised document clustering model. Expand
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Domain-independent text segmentation using anisotropic diffusion and dynamic programming
This paper presents a novel domain-independent text segmentation method, which identifies the boundaries of topic changes in long text documents and/or text streams by segmenting text in variable numbers of sentence topical groups. Expand
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Twitter sentiment classification for measuring public health concerns
An important task of public health officials is to keep track of health issues, such as spreading epidemics. Expand
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The effects of incubation thermal environments on size, locomotor performance and early growth of hatchling soft-shelled turtles, Pelodiscus sinensis
We incubated eggs of the soft-shell turtle (Pelodiscus sinensis) at constant (ranging from 23 � Ct o 34 � C) and fluctuating temperatures (varying from 22.3 � C to 32.8 � C) to assess influence ofExpand
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The thermal dependence of food assimilation and locomotor performance in southern grass lizards, Takydromus sexlineatus (Lacertidae)
Abstract We collected southern grass lizards, Takydromus sexlineatus , from a population in Shaoguan (Guangdong, southern China), and used adult males and non-reproductive females to study theExpand
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Identifying sources of variation in reproductive and life-history traits among five populations of a Chinese lizard (Takydromus septentrionalis, Lacertidae)
Research on life-history traits of squamate reptiles has focused on North American species, while Asian taxa have been virtually ignored. In order to understand general patterns in reptile lifeExpand
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Splice site prediction using support vector machines with a Bayes kernel
In this paper, we present a new machine learning method for predicting DNA splice sites, which first applies a Bayes feature mapping (kernel) to project the data into a new feature space and then uses a linear Support Vector Machine (SVM) as a classifier to recognize the true splICE sites. Expand
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Multi-labelled classification using maximum entropy method
In this paper, we explore correlations among categories with maximum entropy method and derive a classification algorithm for multi-labelled documents. Expand
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