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Knowledge acquisition based on combination of product cases and domain experts experience
To realize a complete product design knowledge acquisition,knowledge acquisition based on combination of design cases and domain experts experience was studied as in domain of product design based on Knowledge-Based Engineering(KBE). Expand
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Distributed Integrated Design Environment for Solid Rocket Motor
A distributed integrated design Environment for solid rocket motor was developed to meet the integration and distribution requirement of solid rocket motor design process. In this paper, the project,Expand
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Mechanical Properties and Thermal Shock Resistance of Rhenium Coating in Iridium/Rhenium/Carbon-carbon Composites
Abstract Rhenium is a promising coating material for liquid rocket nozzles because of its extremely superior performance, such as high melting point, high temperature strength and excellent fatigueExpand
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Penehyclidine hydrochloride on postoperatively cognitive function.
There are many drugs that affect postoperative cognitive function in patients under general anesthesia. Pentanethaquine hydrochloride (PHC), as a new type of anti-cholinergic drug, has been widelyExpand
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Assessment of groundwater intrinsic vulnerability in Guangzhou
This paper has improved the DRASTIC evaluation model, established the DRASTMC model. It uses parameter system method and combines GIS processing technology to assess the groundwater intrinsicExpand
Application of case adjustment technique to system design of solid rocket motor
Aiming at improving the reusability of existing experience in SRM system design,the design method based on knowledge engineering was used for solid rocket motor system design.The representation ofExpand
Effects of Standardized Rehabilitation on Quality of Life of Stroke Patients at Convalescence and Sequelae Stages
Objective:To explore the effects of standardized rehabilitation on quality of life (QOL) of stroke patients at convalescence and sequelae stages. Method:A total of 251 stroke patients were randomlyExpand
Integrated design environment for virtual prototyping of sol id rocket motor
In order to support design techniques for virtu al prototyping of solid rocket motor(SRM),software frame of integrated design env ironment for virtual prototyping was put forward.Integrated designExpand