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Locality Preserving Projections
Many problems in information processing involve some form of dimensionality reduction. In this paper, we introduce Locality Preserving Projections (LPP). These are linear projective maps that ariseExpand
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Face recognition using Laplacianfaces
We propose an appearance-based face recognition method called the Laplacianface approach. By using locality preserving projections (LPP), the face images are mapped into a face subspace for analysis.Expand
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Neighborhood preserving embedding
Recently there has been a lot of interest in geometrically motivated approaches to data analysis in high dimensional spaces. We consider the case where data is drawn from sampling a probabilityExpand
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Laplacian Score for Feature Selection
In supervised learning scenarios, feature selection has been studied widely in the literature. Selecting features in unsupervised learning scenarios is a much harder problem, due to the absence ofExpand
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Semi-supervised Discriminant Analysis
Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) has been a popular method for extracting features which preserve class separability. The projection vectors are commonly obtained by maximizing the between classExpand
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Unsupervised feature selection for multi-cluster data
In many data analysis tasks, one is often confronted with very high dimensional data. Feature selection techniques are designed to find the relevant feature subset of the original features which canExpand
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Locality Sensitive Discriminant Analysis
Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) is a popular data-analytic tool for studying the class relationship between data points. A major disadvantage of LDA is that it fails to discover the localExpand
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Orthogonal Laplacianfaces for Face Recognition
Following the intuition that the naturally occurring face data may be generated by sampling a probability distribution that has support on or near a submanifold of ambient space, we propose anExpand
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Fast and Accurate Matrix Completion via Truncated Nuclear Norm Regularization
Recovering a large matrix from a small subset of its entries is a challenging problem arising in many real applications, such as image inpainting and recommender systems. Many existing approachesExpand
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Document clustering using locality preserving indexing
We propose a novel document clustering method which aims to cluster the documents into different semantic classes. The document space is generally of high dimensionality and clustering in such a highExpand
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