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Locality Preserving Projections
These are linear projective maps that arise by solving a variational problem that optimally preserves the neighborhood structure of the data set by finding the optimal linear approximations to the eigenfunctions of the Laplace Beltrami operator on the manifold. Expand
Face recognition using Laplacianfaces
Experimental results suggest that the proposed Laplacianface approach provides a better representation and achieves lower error rates in face recognition. Expand
Neighborhood preserving embedding
This paper proposes a novel subspace learning algorithm called neighborhood preserving embedding (NPE), which aims at preserving the local neighborhood structure on the data manifold and is less sensitive to outliers than principal component analysis (PCA). Expand
Laplacian Score for Feature Selection
This paper proposes a "filter" method for feature selection which is independent of any learning algorithm, based on the observation that, in many real world classification problems, data from the same class are often close to each other. Expand
Semi-supervised Discriminant Analysis
  • Deng Cai, X. He, Jiawei Han
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE 11th International Conference on Computer…
  • 26 December 2007
This paper proposes a novel method, called Semi- supervised Discriminant Analysis (SDA), which makes use of both labeled and unlabeled samples to learn a discriminant function which is as smooth as possible on the data manifold. Expand
Unsupervised feature selection for multi-cluster data
Inspired from the recent developments on manifold learning and L1-regularized models for subset selection, a new approach is proposed, called Multi-Cluster Feature Selection (MCFS), for unsupervised feature selection, which select those features such that the multi-cluster structure of the data can be best preserved. Expand
Locality Sensitive Discriminant Analysis
A novel linear algorithm for discriminant analysis, called Locality Sensitive Discriminant Analysis (LSDA), which finds a projection which maximizes the margin between data points from different classes at each local area by discovering the local manifold structure. Expand
Orthogonal Laplacianfaces for Face Recognition
An appearance-based face recognition method, called orthogonal Laplacianface, based on the locality preserving projection (LPP) algorithm, which aims at finding a linear approximation to the eigenfunctions of the Laplace Beltrami operator on the face manifold. Expand
Fast and Accurate Matrix Completion via Truncated Nuclear Norm Regularization
This paper proposes to achieve a better approximation to the rank of matrix by truncated nuclear norm, which is given by the nuclear norm subtracted by the sum of the largest few singular values, and develops a novel matrix completion algorithm by minimizing the Truncated Nuclear Norm. Expand
Document clustering using locality preserving indexing
A novel document clustering method which aims to cluster the documents into different semantic classes by using locality preserving indexing (LPI), an unsupervised approximation of the supervised linear discriminant analysis (LDA) method, which gives the intuitive motivation of the method. Expand