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A Data Streaming Method for Monitoring Host Connection Degrees of High-Speed Links
A new data structure is presented in this paper for locating the hosts associated with large connection degrees or significant changes in connection degrees based on the reversible connection degree sketch to monitor anomalous network traffic. Expand
Energy-Efficient Buildings Facilitated by Microgrid
In this paper, the scheduling problem of building energy supplies is considered with the practical background of a low energy building. Expand
Fast Identification of Inactive Security Constraints in SCUC Problems
Security constrained unit commitment (SCUC) is one of the most important daily tasks that independent system operators (ISOs) or regional transmission organizations (RTOs) must accomplish in dailyExpand
Accurate Classification of the Internet Traffic Based on the SVM Method
  • Z. Li, R. Yuan, X. Guan
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE International Conference on Communications
  • 24 June 2007
This paper uses the SVM (support vector machine) method to train 7 classes of applications of different characteristics, captured from a campus network backbone. Expand
An optimization-based method for unit commitment
Abstract An optimization-based method for unit commitment using the Lagrangian relaxation technique is presented. The salient features of this method includes nondiscretization of generation levels,Expand
An SVM-based machine learning method for accurate internet traffic classification
A machine learning method based on SVM (supporting vector machine) is proposed in this paper for accurate Internet traffic classification. Expand
Performance Analysis of Touch-Interaction Behavior for Active Smartphone Authentication
The increasing use of touchscreen smartphones to access sensitive and privacy data has given rise to the need of secure and usable authentication technique. Expand
Enhanced Hidden Moving Target Defense in Smart Grids
We propose a hidden MTD approach that cannot be detected by the attackers and prove its equivalence to an MTD that maintains the power flows of the whole grid. Expand
An MILP Based Formulation for Short-Term Hydro Generation Scheduling With Analysis of the Linearization Effects on Solution Feasibility
Mixed integer linear programming (MILP) based formulations and solution methods for short-term hydro generation scheduling (HGS) have been widely adopted by researchers, hydropower producers, andExpand
User Authentication Through Mouse Dynamics
This paper presents a simple and efficient user authentication approach based on a fixed mouse-operation task that achieves a false-acceptance rate of 8.69% with a corresponding authentication time of 11.8 seconds. Expand