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Gyrokinetic simulations of turbulent transport
This overview is an assessment of the gyrokinetic framework and simulations to compute turbulent transport in fusion plasmas. It covers an introduction to the gyrokinetic theory, the principalExpand
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A drift-kinetic Semi-Lagrangian 4D code for ion turbulence simulation
A new code is presented here, named Gyrokinetic SEmi-LAgragian (GYSELA) code, which solves 4D drift-kinetic equations for ion temperature gradient driven turbulence in a cylinder (r,θ,z). The codeExpand
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A review of internal transport barrier physics for steady-state operation of tokamaks
Tokamak discharges with improved energy confinement properties arising from internal transport barriers (ITBs) have certain attractive features, such as a large bootstrap current fraction, whichExpand
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Density response to central electron heating: theoretical investigations and experimental observations in ASDEX Upgrade
Theory of ion temperature gradient (ITG) and trapped electron modes (TEMs) is applied to the study of particle transport in experimental conditions with central electron heating. It is shown that inExpand
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Scaling laws of density fluctuations at high-k on Tore Supra
Anomalous transport in tokamaks is generally attributed to turbulent fluctuations. Since a large variety of modes are potentially unstable, a wide range of short-scale fluctuations should beExpand
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Theory and simulation of rotational shear stabilization of turbulence
Numerical simulations of ion temperature gradient (ITG) mode transport with gyrofluid flux tube codes first lead to the rule that the turbulence is quenched when the critical E×B rotational shearExpand
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New tokamak plasma regime with stationary temperature oscillations.
During noninductively driven discharges in the Tore Supra tokamak, steady sinusoidal oscillations of the central electron temperature, lasting as long as 2 min, have been observed for the first time.Expand
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Mean excitation energies for ions in gases and plasmas
A variational approach yields accurate upper and lower bounds for mean excitation energies and other related parameters describing the stopping of nonrelativistic point charges by isolated speciesExpand
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Fluctuation spectra and velocity profile from Doppler backscattering on Tore Supra
Backscattering of a microwave beam close to the cut-off allows for measurement of density fluctuations at a specified wave-number, selected by the scattering geometry , where ki is the beamExpand
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