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HPLC fingerprint analysis combined with chemometrics for pattern recognition of ginger
Abstract Context: Ginger, the fresh rhizome of Zingiber officinale Rosc. (Zingiberaceae), has been used worldwide; however, for a long time, there has been no standard approbated internationally forExpand
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Tuning the Singlet−Triplet Energy Gap in a Non-Kekulé Series by Designed Structural Variation. The Singlet States of N-Substituted-3,4-dimethylenepyrrole Biradicals
Semiempirical quantum chemical calculations (AM1/CI and PM3/CI) confirm the qualitative perturbational prediction that electron-withdrawing groups on the ring nitrogen of a 3,4-dimethylenepyrroleExpand
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Neural network predictions of pollutant emissions from open burning of crop residues: Application to air quality forecasts in southern China
Abstract Open burning of crop residues is a strong seasonal source of air pollutants in many parts of China, but the large day-to-day variability of the associated emissions pose a great challengeExpand
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[Fingerprint of volatile oil of Atractylodes lancea by GC-MS].
To study the fingerprint of the volatile oil of Atractylodes lancea (Thunb.) DC., and to offer the characteristic data for the quality evaluation, GC-MS analysis was performed for 17 samples ofExpand
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Triplet Species from Dihydropyrrolo[3,4-d]pyridazines, the Diazene Precursors of N-Arenesulfonyl-3,4-dimethylenepyrroles
In contrast to the photolyses of N-methyl- or N-pivaloylpyrrolo[3,4]dihydropyridazines in low-temperature matrices, which give the blue, ESR-inactive singlet 3,4-dimethylenepyrrole biradical at allExpand
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Absolute rates of heterocyclic singlet biradical reactions determined by nanosecond time-resolved absorption spectroscopy. Dimerizations and cycloadditions to alkenes and to dioxygen
Singlet biradicals of the 3,4-dimethyleneheterocycle series, where the heterocycle is furan, thiophene, or N-substituted pyrrole, with chromophores in the UV-vis region (560-640 nm), are generated byExpand
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The study of pre-processing method of brain vessel segmentation based on parameterized statistical model
For the 3D brain MRI parameterized statistical model segmentation method, the pre-processing method of brain image is brought forward for the model. Expand
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New method of tolerance design of electromagnetic relay reliability
Reliability design is a very important phase of reliability engineering. In this paper, a new method of tolerance design of electromagnetic relay reliability, which is based on the design of systemExpand
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Application of Wavelet and Fractal Theory on Data Treatment of Short-time Load Forecasting
The paper presented a method of dealing with abnormal data in history load and supplementing new data aiming at the characteristic that there existed obvious fractal similarity in power systemExpand
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