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A Synthesis of Progress and Uncertainties in Attributing the Sources of Mercury in Deposition
Abstract A panel of international experts was convened in Madison, Wisconsin, in 2005, as part of the 8th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant. Our charge was to address theExpand
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Global mercury emissions to the atmosphere from anthropogenic and natural sources
Abstract. This paper provides an up-to-date assessment of global mercury emissions from anthropogenic and natural sources. On an annual basis, natural sources account for 5207 Mg of mercury releasedExpand
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Anthropogenic mercury emissions in China
Abstract An inventory of mercury emissions from anthropogenic activities in China is compiled for the year 1999 from official statistical data. We estimate that China's emissions were 536 (±236) t ofExpand
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A kinetic study of the gas-phase reaction between the hydroxyl radical and atomic mercury
Abstract The atom is the dominating species of mercury in the atmosphere. Its oxidation processes are of great interest since it is mainly oxidised mercury that undergoes deposition and therebyExpand
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Atmospheric gaseous elemental mercury (GEM) concentrations and mercury depositions at a high-altitude mountain peak in south China
Abstract. China is regarded as the largest contributor of mercury (Hg) to the global atmospheric Hg budget. However, concentration levels and depositions of atmospheric Hg in China are poorly known.Expand
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In Inland China, Rice, Rather than Fish, Is the Major Pathway for Methylmercury Exposure
Background Fish consumption is considered the primary pathway of methylmercury (MeHg) exposure for most people in the world. However, in the inland regions of China, most of the residents eat littleExpand
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Mercury pollution in China
With a long history of mercury mining and use and a rapidly growing economy that relies heavily on coal for heat and energy, China faces an enormous challenge to reduce pollution from this toxicExpand
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Total gaseous mercury concentrations in ambient air in the eastern slope of Mt. Gongga, South-Eastern fringe of the Tibetan plateau, China
During May 2005-June 2006, measurements of total gaseous mercury (TGM) concentrations were carried out by using a set of automatic atmospheric mercury vapor analyzer (Tekran 2537A) at Moxi baseExpand
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Speciated atmospheric mercury and its potential source in Guiyang, China
Abstract Speciated atmospheric mercury (Hg) including gaseous elemental mercury (GEM), particulate Hg (PHg), and reactive gaseous Hg (RGM) were continuously measured at an urban site in Guiyang city,Expand
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Temporal trend and sources of speciated atmospheric mercury at Waliguan GAW station, Northwestern China
Abstract. Measurements of speciated atmospheric mercury were conducted at a remote mountain-top station (Waliguan (WLG) Baseline Observatory) at the edge of northeastern part of the Qinghai-XizangExpand
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