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Compression Artifact Reduction by Overlapped-Block Transform Coefficient Estimation With Block Similarity
We propose a new method to reduce compression artifacts by the overlapped-block transform coefficient estimation from non-local blocks. Expand
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Video Coding on Multicore Graphics Processors
We investigate using multi-core graphics processing units (GPUs) for video encoding and decoding. Expand
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Reducing Image Compression Artifacts by Structural Sparse Representation and Quantization Constraint Prior
The block discrete cosine transform (BDCT) has been widely used in current image and video coding standards, owing to its good energy compaction and decorrelation properties. Expand
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Analysis of Decorrelation Transform Gain for Uncoded Wireless Image and Video Communication
This paper presents a theoretical analysis for an uncoded visual communication, focusing on developing a quantitative measurements for the efficiency of decorrelation transform in a generalized uncoded transmission framework. Expand
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D-cast: DSC based soft mobile video broadcast
We propose a new video multicast approach: D-cast that outperforms softcast 3--5dB in video PSNR while maintaining the similar graceful degradation feature as softcast. Expand
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WaveCast: Wavelet based wireless video broadcast using lossy transmission
  • X. Fan, R. Xiong, Feng Wu, D. Zhao
  • Computer Science
  • Visual Communications and Image Processing
  • 1 November 2012
Wireless video broadcasting is a popular application of mobile network. However, the traditional approaches have limited supports to the accommodation of users with diverse channel conditions. TheExpand
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Stereoscopic video quality assessment based on visual attention and just-noticeable difference models
We propose an objective stereoscopic video quality assessment (SVQA) metric by incorporating stereoscopic visual attention (SVA) to SVQA metric. Expand
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Differential exposure of the urban population to vehicular air pollution in Hong Kong.
This study aims to characterize the spatial variations in, and examine the influence of socio-economic class on, the exposure of urban population of Hong Kong to air pollution from vehicular sources.Expand
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Simultaneous localization and mapping for mobile robots
This paper surveys the latest progress of SLAM especially on simplification methods to reduce the complexity.Simultaneous localization and mapping(SLAM) algorithm plays an important role on enabling the fully autonomous navigation. Expand
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Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs induce apoptosis in gastric cancer cells through up-regulation of bax and bak.
Aspirin- and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)-induced apoptosis is one of the important mechanisms for their anti-tumour effect in gastric cancer. We aimed at determining the role ofExpand
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