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Characterisation of synnematous bark beetle-associated fungi from China, including Graphium carbonarium sp. nov.
Ophiostomatoid fungi on trees are typically bark beetle associates that cause sapstain in timber and some are pathogens. Very little is known regarding the ophiostomatoid fungi associated with barkExpand
New species, hyper-diversity and potential importance of Calonectria spp. from Eucalyptus in South China
Plantation forestry is expanding rapidly in China to meet an increasing demand for wood and pulp products globally. Fungal pathogens including species of Calonectria represent a serious threat to theExpand
Shape Optimization Study of Mild Steel Slit Dampers
This paper presented a new mild steel slit damper(SSD). The new shape was parabolic according to all the cross section having the same maximal stress, and the elastic stiffness and yield displacementExpand
The Fractional-Order Control Method of Dynamic Elastoplastic Responses of Benchmark Buildings
The elastoplastic phenomenon of the structures will be advent under the action of the strong earthquakes, the presented research on the vibration control of the ones is chiefly concentrated on fuzzyExpand