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Transcriptional and physiological changes of alfalfa in response to aluminium stress
SUMMARY Medicago sativa is an excellent pasture legume, but it is very sensitive to aluminium (Al) toxicity. To better understand the mechanism of M. sativa sensitivity to Al, a forward suppressionExpand
Maternal conjugated linoleic acid supplementation reverses high-fat diet-induced skeletal muscle atrophy and inflammation in adult male rat offspring.
The present study demonstrates the importance of early life interventions to ameliorate the negative effects of poor maternal diet on offspring skeletal muscle development. Expand
Maternal undernutrition results in altered renal pro-inflammatory gene expression concomitant with hypertension in adult male offspring that is ameliorated following pre-weaning growth hormone
Findings indicate that pre-weaning GH treatment has the potential to normalize some of the adverse renal and cardiovascular sequelae that arise as a consequence of poor maternal nutrition. Expand
ICRF wall conditioning and plasma performance on EAST
Abstract ICRF (ion cyclotron resonance frequency) wall conditioning was performed on EAST superconducting tokamak. It included ICRF cleaning in-between shots, boronization associated with ICRFExpand