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Performance evaluation of an indirect pre-cooling evaporative heat exchanger operating in hot and humid climate
A hybrid system, that combines an indirect evaporative heat exchanger (IEHX) and a vapor compression system, is introduced for humid tropical climate application. The chief purpose of the IEHX is toExpand
Fundamental formulation of a modified LMTD method to study indirect evaporative heat exchangers
Abstract An analytical model for indirect evaporative heat exchangers has been developed via a modified log mean temperature difference (LMTD) method designed for sensible heat exchangers. TheExpand
Developing a performance correlation for counter-flow regenerative indirect evaporative heat exchangers with experimental validation
Abstract The present article aims to determine a minimum parametric representation for evaluating the thermal performance of a counter-flow regenerative IEHX (indirect evaporative heat exchanger).Expand
Numerical heat and mass transfer analysis of a cross-flow indirect evaporative cooler with plates and flat tubes
Abstract In this study the performance of an indirect evaporative cooling system (IECS) of cross-flow configuration is numerically investigated. Considering the variation of water film temperatureExpand
CO2 gasification of woody biomass: Experimental study from a lab-scale reactor to a small-scale autothermal gasifier
Rapid depletion of fossil fuel and CO2 mitigation are two major challenges in the modern society. CO2 gasification of carbon-neutral biomass could be an attractive technology to cope up these twoExpand
Molecular dynamics simulation of gas-phase ozone reactions with sabinene and benzene.
Gas-phase reactions of ozone (O3) with volatile organic compounds were investigated both by experiment and molecular simulations and indicated that benzene and sabinene reacted with ozone to produce a range of stable products and intermediates, including carbocations, ring-scission products, as well as peroxy (HO2 and HO3) and hydroxyl (OH) radicals. Expand
Development of Chemical Reaction Kinetics of VOC Ozonation
Abstract Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) causes many health issues related to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). The indoor air quality improvement has been instituted by various organizations based on theExpand
Energy saving potential of an air treatment system for improved building indoor air quality in Singapore
Abstract The design of air conditioning mechanical ventilation (ACMV) system affects the building energy performance and the indoor pollutant removal process. The present study aims to reduce energyExpand
Numerical simulation of a novel energy-efficient dew-point evaporative air cooler
We present simulation results on a novel dew-point evaporative air conditioner which was designed based on a counter-flow closed-loop configuration consisting of separated working channels andExpand
Numerical study and correlations for heat and mass transfer coefficients in indirect evaporative coolers with condensation based on orthogonal test and CFD approach
Abstract Previous studies obtained the heat and mass transfer coefficients of Indirect evaporative coolers (IECs) with condensation based on the following assumptions: (1) empirical equations in theExpand