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Integrating visible, near-infrared and short-wave infrared hyperspectral and multispectral thermal imagery for geological mapping at Cuprite, Nevada
This study investigated the potential value of integrating hyperspectral visible, near-infrared, and short-wave infrared imagery with multispectral thermal data for geological mapping. TwoExpand
Optic sensors of high refractive-index responsivity and low thermal cross sensitivity that use fiber Bragg gratings of >80 degrees tilted structures.
For the first time to the authors' knowledge, fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) with >80 degrees tilted structures have been fabricated and characterized. Their performance in sensing temperature, strain,Expand
Simultaneous measurement of temperature and external refractive index by use of a hybrid grating in D fiber with enhanced sensitivity by HF etching.
We propose a dual-parameter optical sensor device achieved by UV inscription of a hybrid long-period grating-fiber Bragg grating structure in D fiber. The hybrid configuration permits the detectionExpand
Dry-coated microprojection array patches for targeted delivery of immunotherapeutics to the skin.
  • X. Chen, T. Prow, +5 authors M. Kendall
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of controlled release : official journal…
  • 3 November 2009
Dry-coated microprojections (MPs) deliver vaccine to abundant immunogenic cells within the skin to induce immune responses. Success in this targeted vaccine delivery relies on overcoming theExpand
Potent Immunity to Low Doses of Influenza Vaccine by Probabilistic Guided Micro-Targeted Skin Delivery in a Mouse Model
Background Over 14 million people die each year from infectious diseases despite extensive vaccine use [1]. The needle and syringe—first invented in 1853—is still the primary delivery device,Expand
Nanopatch targeted delivery of both antigen and adjuvant to skin synergistically drives enhanced antibody responses.
Many vaccines make use of an adjuvant to achieve stronger immune responses. Alternatively, potent immune responses have also been generated by replacing the standard needle and syringe (which placesExpand
Low Thermal Sensitivity Grating Devices Based on Ex-45$^{\circ}$ Tilting Structure Capable of Forward-Propagating Cladding Modes Coupling
The authors describe a detailed investigation on tilted fiber Bragg grating (TFBG) structures with tilted angles exceeding 45deg. In contrast to the backward mode coupling mechanism of Bragg gratingsExpand
The viscoelastic, hyperelastic and scale dependent behaviour of freshly excised individual skin layers.
Micro-devices using mechanical means to target skin for improved drug and vaccine delivery have great promise for improved clinical healthcare. Fully realizing this promise requires a greaterExpand
Real-time detection of DNA interactions with long-period fiber-grating-based biosensor.
Using an optical biosensor based on a dual-peak long-period fiber grating, we have demonstrated the detection of interactions between biomolecules in real time. Silanization of the grating surfaceExpand
Advanced materials and nanotechnology for drug delivery.
Many biological barriers are of great importance. For example, stratum corneum, the outmost layer of skin, effectively protects people from being invaded by external microorganisms such as bacteriaExpand