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The similarity metric
A new class of distances appropriate for measuring similarity relations between sequences, say one type of similarity per distance, is studied. We propose a new "normalized information distance,"Expand
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TRANSFAC: an integrated system for gene expression regulation
TRANSFAC is a database on transcription factors, their genomic binding sites and DNA-binding profiles (http://transfac.gbf.de/TRANSFAC/). Its content has been enhanced, in particular by informationExpand
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The TRANSFAC system on gene expression regulation
The TRANSFAC database on transcription factors and their DNA-binding sites and profiles (http://www.gene-regulation.de/) has been quantitatively extended and supplemented by a number of modules.Expand
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dbCAN: a web resource for automated carbohydrate-active enzyme annotation
Carbohydrate-active enzymes (CAZymes) are very important to the biotech industry, particularly the emerging biofuel industry because CAZymes are responsible for the synthesis, degradation andExpand
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Coordinating Inventory Control and Pricing Strategies with Random Demand and Fixed Ordering Cost: The Finite Horizon Case
We analyze a finite horizon, single product, periodic review model in which pricing and production/inventory decisions are made simultaneously. Demands in different periods are random variables thatExpand
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City-scale landmark identification on mobile devices
With recent advances in mobile computing, the demand for visual localization or landmark identification on mobile devices is gaining interest. We advance the state of the art in this area by fusingExpand
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An information-based sequence distance and its application to whole mitochondrial genome phylogeny
MOTIVATION Traditional sequence distances require an alignment and therefore are not directly applicable to the problem of whole genome phylogeny where events such as rearrangements make full lengthExpand
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PlantTFDB: a comprehensive plant transcription factor database
Transcription factors (TFs) play key roles in controlling gene expression. Systematic identification and annotation of TFs, followed by construction of TF databases may serve as useful resources forExpand
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DNACompress: fast and effective DNA sequence compression
While achieving the best compression ratios for DNA sequences, our new DNACompress program significantly improves the running time of all previous DNA compression programs.
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Expanding the TRANSFAC database towards an expert system of regulatory molecular mechanisms
TRANSFAC is a database on transcription factors, their genomic binding sites and DNA-binding profiles. In addition to being updated and extended by new features, it has been complemented now by aExpand
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