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Metabolic engineering of Escherichia coli: a sustainable industrial platform for bio-based chemical production.
In order to decrease carbon emissions and negative environmental impacts of various pollutants, more bulk and/or fine chemicals are produced by bioprocesses, replacing the traditional energy andExpand
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Dual-polarity plasmonic metalens for visible light
Surface topography and refractive index profile dictate the deterministic functionality of a lens. The polarity of most lenses reported so far, that is, either positive (convex) or negativeExpand
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Significantly improving the yield of recombinant proteins in Bacillus subtilis by a novel powerful mutagenesis tool (ARTP): Alkaline α-amylase as a case study.
In this study, atmospheric and room temperature plasma (ARTP), a promising mutation breeding technique, was successfully applied to generate Bacillus subtilis mutants that yielded large quantities ofExpand
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Three-dimensional optical holography using a plasmonic metasurface
Benefitting from the flexibility in engineering their optical response, metamaterials have been used to achieve control over the propagation of light to an unprecedented level, leading to highlyExpand
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Metabolic engineering of Escherichia coli for improving shikimate synthesis from glucose.
Shikimate is a key intermediate for the synthesis of the neuraminidase inhibitors. Microbial production of shikimate and related derivatives has the benefit of cost reduction when compared toExpand
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Transcription regulation mechanisms of bacteriophages
Phage diversity significantly contributes to ecology and evolution of new bacterial species through horizontal gene transfer. Therefore, it is essential to understand the mechanisms underlyingExpand
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Significantly enhancing recombinant alkaline amylase production in Bacillus subtilis by integration of a novel mutagenesis-screening strategy with systems-level fermentation optimization
BackgroundAlkaline amylase has significant potential for applications in the textile, paper and detergent industries, however, low yield of which cannot meet the requirement of industrialExpand
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Engineering Eschericha coli for Enhanced Tyrosol Production.
Tyrosol is a phenolic compound found in olive oil and wines. The health benefits of tyrosol have attracted considerable attention. Because the tyrosol extraction from plants poses a major obstacle,Expand
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Display of phytase on the cell surface of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to degrade phytate phosphorus and improve bioethanol production
Currently, development of biofuels as an alternative fuel has gained much attention due to resource and environmental challenges. Bioethanol is one of most important and dominant biofuels, andExpand
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Three-dimensional surface reconstruction of diatomaceous frustules.
Single-celled diatoms have attracted much attention due to their delicate nanostructures and wide applications in photonics, biology, nanofluidics, drug delivery, and so on. Three-dimensional (3D)Expand
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