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Travoprost compared with other prostaglandin analogues or timolol in patients with open‐angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension: meta‐analysis of randomized controlled trials
Background:  It is still uncertain whether travoprost has comparable or better efficacy compared with other prostaglandin analogues or timolol in patients with open‐angle glaucoma or ocularExpand
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Vertical variations in the mineralogy of the Yichun topaz-lepidolite granite, Jiangxi province, Southern China
The Yichun topaz–lepidolite granite is the latest and most evolved unit of the Yichun granitic complex, South China, and is well known by virtue of its unusual Ta–Nb–Li mineralization. A drill holeExpand
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Symmetry-Supported Magnetic Blocking at 20 K in Pentagonal Bipyramidal Dy(III) Single-Ion Magnets.
Single-molecule magnets (SMMs) that can be trapped in one of the bistable magnetic states separated by an energy barrier are among the most promising candidates for high-density information storage,Expand
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Expression of an exoinulinase gene from Aspergillus ficuum in Escherichia coli and its characterization.
An exoinulinase gene from Aspergillus ficuum JNSP5-06 was overexpressed in Escherichia coli. Two exons of the exoinulinase gene were amplified separately, joined together by an overlap PCR, andExpand
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Le complexe granitique de Xihuashan, dans le sud de la Chine, est principalement compose de granite porphyrique a biotite a gros grains (G-a), a grains moyens (G-b) et a grains de moyens a finsExpand
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Xenolith evidence for polybaric melting and stratification of the upper mantle beneath South China
Abstract Mantle xenoliths from Hainan and Qilin, South China have been studied to constrain the nature of the upper mantle and mantle processes beneath a continental margin. The extremely low TiExpand
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Quadrilateral membrane element family formulated by the quadrilateral area coordinate method
Abstract The quadrilateral area coordinate (QAC) method is a new tool for developing quadrilateral finite element models. Compared with those traditional elements using isoparametric coordinates,Expand
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Quadrilateral membrane elements with analytical element stiffness matrices formulated by the new quadrilateral area coordinate method (QACM‐II)
A novel strategy for developing low-order membrane elements with analytical element stiffness matrices is proposed. First, some complete low-order basic analytical solutions for plane stress problemsExpand
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Solvothermal in situ metal/ligand reactions: a new bridge between coordination chemistry and organic synthetic chemistry.
Several important solvothermal (including hydrothermal) in situ metal/ligand reactions and their mechanisms, including dehydrogenative carbon-carbon coupling, hydroxylation of aromatic rings,Expand
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