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A CYP1A1 restriction fragment length polymorphism is associated with breast cancer in African-American women.
We examined the role of CYP1A1 polymorphisms as potential molecular markers of breast cancer susceptibility in Caucasian and African-American women. The case-control study involved 51 women withExpand
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Hypermethylation and Silencing of the Putative Tumor Suppressor Tazarotene-Induced Gene 1 in Human Cancers
A variety of tumor suppressor genes are down-regulated by hypermethylation during carcinogenesis. Using methylated CpG amplification-representation difference analysis, we identified a DNA fragmentExpand
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Induction of apoptotic cell death and in vivo growth inhibition of human cancer cells by a saturated branched-chain fatty acid, 13-methyltetradecanoic acid.
A saturated branched-chain fatty acid, 13-methyltetradecanoic acid (13-MTD), was purified from a soy fermentation product, which was used by many cancer patients as a treatment supplement. OurExpand
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Characterization of early pulmonary hyperproliferation and tumor progression and their inhibition by black tea in a 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone-induced lung tumorigenesis model
The pathogenesis of pulmonary tumors induced by a tobacco carcinogen, 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone (NNK), and its inhibition by black tea have been characterized. Female A/J mice (6Expand
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The importance of having two X chromosomes
Historically, it was thought that the number of X chromosomes plays little role in causing sex differences in traits. Recently, selected mouse models have been used increasingly to compare mice withExpand
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Diet, gonadal sex, and sex chromosome complement influence white adipose tissue miRNA expression
BackgroundMicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small non-coding RNA molecules that regulate gene expression by targeting specific mRNA species for degradation or interfering with translation. Specific miRNAs areExpand
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The Sex Chromosome Trisomy mouse model of XXY and XYY: metabolism and motor performance
BackgroundKlinefelter syndrome (KS), caused by XXY karyotype, is characterized by low testosterone, infertility, cognitive deficits, and increased prevalence of health problems including obesity andExpand
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X chromosome dosage of histone demethylase KDM5C determines sex differences in adiposity.
Males and females differ in body composition and fat distribution. Using a mouse model that segregates gonadal sex (ovaries and testes) from chromosomal sex (XX and XY), we showed that XX chromosomeExpand
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Cardiac Sex Differences are Established Prior to Gonad Formation
Male and female disease states differ in their prevalence, treatment responses, and survival rates. In cardiac disease, women almost uniformly fare far worse than men. Though sex plays a criticalExpand
Transcriptional analysis of the multiple Sry genes and developmental program at the onset of testis differentiation in the rat
The commonly used laboratory rat, Rattus norvegicus, is unique in having multiple Sry gene copies found on the Y chromosome, with different copies encoding amino acid variations that influence theExpand