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A Modified Sequence-Domain Impedance Definition and Its Equivalence to the dq-Domain Impedance Definition for the Stability Analysis of AC Power Electronic Systems
Representation of ac power systems by frequency-dependent impedance equivalents is an emerging technique in the dynamic analysis of power systems including power electronic converters. Expand
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Optimal Design of Controller Parameters for Improving the Stability of MMC-HVDC for Wind Farm Integration
A subsynchronous oscillation (SSO) phenomenon has been observed in a modular multilevel converter-based high-voltage dc transmission system for wind farm integration in the real world, which is independent of the type of wind turbine generator. Expand
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Harmonic State-Space Based Small-Signal Impedance Modeling of a Modular Multilevel Converter With Consideration of Internal Harmonic Dynamics
The small-signal impedance modeling of a modular multilevel converter (MMC) is the key for analyzing resonance and stability of power electronic systems. Expand
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One-stage vs two-stage exchange.
Liaison: Paul Lichstein MD, MSLeaders: Thorsten Gehrke MD (International), Adolph Lombardi MD, FACS (US),Carlo Romano MD (International), Ian Stockley MB, ChB, MD, FRCS (International)Delegates:Expand
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Sequence Domain SISO Equivalent Models of a Grid-Tied Voltage Source Converter System for Small-Signal Stability Analysis
This paper presents a generalized method for converting multi-input and multi-output (MIMO) <inline-formula> <tex-math notation="LaTeX">$dq$</tex-math></inline-formula> impedance model of a grid-tiedExpand
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Programmed death‐ligand 1 expression in gastric cancer: correlation with mismatch repair deficiency and HER2‐negative status
Gastric cancer (GC) is one of the most common malignancies. Immunotherapy is a promising targeted treatment. The immune regulatory programmed death‐1 (PD‐1)/programmed death‐ligand 1 (PD‐L1) axis hasExpand
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Analysis and Fault Control of Hybrid Modular Multilevel Converter With Integrated Battery Energy Storage System
  • Q. Chen, R. Li, X. Cai
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  • IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in…
  • 1 March 2017
A modular multilevel converter (MMC) integrated with split battery modules has been verified a better choice for the large-scale battery energy storage system (BESS). In this case, both ac grid andExpand
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Frequency Domain Stability Analysis of MMC-Based HVdc for Wind Farm Integration
This paper investigates the stability of offshore wind farms integration through a modular multilevel converter-based high-voltage dc (MMC-HVdc) transmission system. Resonances or instabilityExpand
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Expression and characterization of the first kunitz domain of human tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2.
Human tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 (hTFPI-2) has three kunitz domains whose structure and function are unclear. We expressed the first kunitz domain of hTFPI-2 (hTFPI-2/KD1) as functional formExpand
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Impact of Power Flow Direction on the Stability of VSC-HVDC Seen From the Impedance Nyquist Plot
The high-voltage dc (HVDC) systems are appearing more and more, and it is becoming a requirement that the HVDC voltage-source converters (VSCs) operate both as an inverter and a rectifier withoutExpand
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