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GATS and the Education Service Industry: The Politics of Scale and Global Reterritorialization
One consequence of the hype around globalization and education and debates on global political actors such as the World Bank, IMF and WTO—is that there has not been sufficient attention paid byExpand
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Plus ca change …the world bank global education policy and the post-washington consensus
For the last two decades the World Bank (WB) has increased its economic and ideological influence in setting the educational policy agenda of the so-called less developed countries (LDC). TheExpand
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On Global Absences: Reflections on the Failings in the Education and Poverty Relationship in Latin America.
Abstract This paper explores some of the aspects of the relationship between education and poverty as it has been constructed by international organisations and national governments in Latin America.Expand
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Is the World Bank Education Policy Adequate for Fighting Poverty? Some Evidence from Latin America.
Abstract This paper focuses on the relationship between the World Bank’s education policy and the recent anti-poverty priorities and strategies that shape the present Bank’s agenda for development.Expand
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Interest groups and the State in contemporary Spanish education policy
This paper analyses the role of educational interest groups in the context of current educational policy in Spain. The paper focuses on the historical and structural factors that are the basis forExpand
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The Neoliberal Educational Agenda and the Legitimation Crisis: Old and new state strategies
In the context of globalisation and hegemonic neoliberalism, the state's ability to legitimate the economic system and its own policies cannot be assumed as a positive automatic effect. The economicExpand
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L'Estat de l'educació a Catalunya :
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Captured by the Totally Pedagogised Society: Teachers and teaching in the knowledge economy
This paper makes use of one of the last concepts developed by Basil Bernstein (the Totally Pedagogised Society, TPS) to understand some of the forces and contradictions underlying today's teachers'Expand
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Curriculum Change as a Form of Educational Policy Legitimation: the case of Spain
ABSTRACT This paper examines how the main changes in the last Spanish Educational Reform become new forms of state educational control. The article introduces a specific sociological perspective toExpand
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The Role of PISA in Shaping Hegemonic Educational Discourses, Policies and Practices: The Case of Spain
The aim of this article is to analyse the direct and indirect effects that PISA generates in the orientation of educational policies and reforms in Spain and the ways in which PISA data and resultsExpand
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