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Turbulence and combustion interaction: High resolution local flame front structure visualization using simultaneous single-shot PLIF imaging of CH, OH, and CH2O in a piloted premixed jet flame
High resolution planar laser-induced fluorescence (PLIF) was applied to investigate the local flame front structures of turbulent premixed methane/air jet flames in order to reveal details aboutExpand
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Large eddy simulation and experimental studies of a confined turbulent swirling flow
Laser Doppler velocimetry (LDV) measurement and large eddy simulation (LES) were used to study confined isothermal turbulent swirling flows in a model dump combustor. The aim was to gain deeperExpand
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Large eddy simulation and laser diagnostic studies on a low swirl stratified premixed flame
This paper presents numerical simulations and laser diagnostic experiments of a swirling lean premixed methane/air flame with an aim to compare different Large Eddy Simulations (LES) models forExpand
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Comparison of LES Models Applied to a Bluff Body Stabilized Flame
Present-day demands on combustion equipment are increasing the need for improved understanding and prediction of turbulent combustion. Large Eddy Simulation (LES), in which the large-scale flow isExpand
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Tubulent Methane/Air Premixed Flame Structure at High Karlovitz Numbers
Abstract2D Direct Numerical Simulations of methane/air turbulent premixed flames at initial Karlovitz numbers ranging from 600 to 9500 are performed. Instantaneous results are then extracted andExpand
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Effects of flame stretch and wrinkling on CO formation in turbulent premixed combustion
This paper presents an investigation of CO formation in a lean premixed propane/air turbulent flame in an afterburner configuration. A previous experiment showed that a high amount of CO was formedExpand
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Diesel flame lift-off stabilization in the presence of laser-ignition: a numerical study
Diesel flame lift-off and stabilization in the presence of laser-ignition were numerically investigated with the method of Eulerian stochastic fields. The aim was to scrutinise the interactionExpand
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Numerical Investigation of Methane/Hydrogen/Air Partially Premixed Flames in the SGT-800 Burner Fitted to a Combustion Rig
The Siemens SGT-800 3rd generation DLE burner fitted to an atmospheric combustion rig has been numerically investigated. Pure methane and methane enriched by 80 vol% hydrogen flames have beenExpand
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Investigation of radiative heat transfer in fixed bed biomass furnaces
This paper presents an investigation of the radiative heat transfer process in two fixed bed furnaces firing biomass fuels and the performance of several widely used models for calculation ofExpand
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An improved high-order scheme for DNS of low Mach number turbulent reacting flows based on stiff chemistry solver
We present an improved numerical scheme for numerical simulations of low Mach number turbulent reacting flows with detailed chemistry and transport by employing high-order discretization for spatial terms. Expand
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