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Comparison of base substitutions in response to nitrogen ion implantation and 60Co-gamma ray irradiation in Escherichia coli
To identify the specificity of base substitutions, a novel experimental system was established based on rifampicin-resistant (Rifr) mutant screening and sequencing of the defined region of the rpoBExpand
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Breeding of a New Silkworm Variety “Huakang 2” with Tolerance to Bombyx mori Nucleopolyhedrovirus Disease
Taking high tolerance to Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus(BmNPV) and excellent comprehensive economic characters as breeding objectives for the new silkworm(Bombyx mori) variety,Qiufeng and Baiyu,twoExpand
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Toxicological effects of benzo[a]pyrene on DNA methylation of whole genome in ICR mice.
It has been well known that alterations in DNA methylation - an important regulator of gene transcription - lead to cancer. Therefore a change in the level of DNA methylation of whole genome has beenExpand
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Differential Proteomics Analysis of Near-isogenic Lines for Yellow Hemolymph in the Silkworm,Bombyx mori
In order to acquire basic information of related proteins which function synergistically with silkworm(Bombyx mori)yellow hemolymph gene(Y),we employed two-dimensional polyacrylamide gelExpand
SSH cDNA Library Construction and Corresponding EST Analysis of NILs for Yellow Cocoon Gene in Silkworm,Bombyx mori
Silkworm near-isogenic lines(NILs) of yellow cocoon(C) gene were constructed using silkworm yellow cocoon strain KY(YYCC) and white cocoon strain C108(+Y+Y+C+C).Individuals with yellow and yellowishExpand
Differential Proteomics Analysis of Middle Silk Gland in Silkworm Strain with Flossy Cocoon Mutation
To acquire basic information about proteins associated with flossy cocoon mutation in silkworm(Bombyx mori),two-dimensional electrophoresis(2-DE) was carried out to analyze proteins from variousExpand