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Agomelatine is an antidepressant with a unique action mechanism differing from conventional antidepressants. The high inter- and intra-individual variability of agomelatine was previously reported, but no exact data values about the inter- and intra-individual variability in AUC and Cmax were mentioned. The current study aimed to determine and evaluate the(More)
The transmission of elevated blood pressure to the glomerulus and pressure-induced glomerular injury play central roles in the pathogenesis of kidney disease and its progression to end-stage renal failure. The renal afferent arteriole sets the pre-glomerular resistance and pressure-induced or 'myogenic' afferent arteriolar vasoconstriction is a primary(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the lipotropic action of betaine on plasma lipoproteins and tissue lipids. METHODS AND RESULTS Adult mice, wild type (+/+) or heterozygous (+/-) for a disruption of the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (Mthfr) gene, were supplemented with betaine for 1 year and compared with mice on control diets. Outcome measures were plasma(More)
The aim of the present study is to explore an effective model of HIV/AIDS health education for a rural Chinese population. Students in two middle schools were given HIV/AIDS health education. The education in Tiechang town was carried out in the form of delivering multimedia lectures, video tapes and brochures, while in Daping town brochures were(More)
WHAT IS KNOWN AND OBJECTIVE Genomewide association studies have identified a number of genetic variants that are associated with the development of primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG). This study aimed to explore possible correlations of common single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in AFAP1, GMDS and PTGFR genes with intra-ocular pressure (IOP) response to(More)
Congenital cataract is a common cause of blindness in children; however, its pathogenesis remains unclear. Genetic factors have been shown to play an important role in the pathogenesis of congenital cataract. The current genetic models of congenital cataract include autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive, and sex-linked inheritance. Sex-linked congenital(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the temperature environment of different emergency landing areas and discuss the heat exchange between astronaut and the temperature environment. In addition, countermeasures against the emergency temperature environment were discussed. METHOD Heat exchange equation between man and environment was built using the law of energy(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the saturation degree of O2 in myoglobin and hemoglobin. METHOD Analysis is based on thermodynamic concepts such as Gibbs free energy, entropy, internal energy and so on. RESULT The analytical result were consistent with the results of experiments and analysis made by other authors. CONCLUSION The thermodynamic method is feasible(More)
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