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The ability of membrane voltage to activate high conductance, calcium-activated (BK-type) K(+) channels is enhanced by cytosolic calcium (Ca(2+)). Activation is sensitive to a range of [Ca(2+)] that spans over four orders of magnitude. Here, we examine the activation of BK channels resulting from expression of cloned mouse Slo1 alpha subunits at [Ca(2+)](More)
schedules a double round-robin tournament to minimize the total distance traveled by competing teams. It involves issues of feasibility and optimality and is a challenge to constraint and integer programming. In this work, we divide the search space and use simulated annealing (SA) to search a timetable space and hill-climbing to explore a team assignment(More)
MOTIVATION Our understanding of gene regulation is currently limited by our ability to collectively synthesize and catalogue transcriptional regulatory elements stored in scientific literature. Over the past decade, this task has become increasingly challenging as the accrual of biologically validated regulatory sequences has accelerated. To meet this(More)
The Hedgehog (Hh) signaling pathway has critical functions during embryogenesis of both invertebrate and vertebrate species [1]; defects in this pathway in humans can cause developmental disorders as well as neoplasia [2]. Although the Gli1, Gli2, and Gli3 zinc finger proteins are known to be effectors of Hh signaling in vertebrates, the mechanisms(More)
AIMS/HYPOTHESIS Human complex metabolic traits are in part regulated by genetic determinants. Here we applied exome sequencing to identify novel associations of coding polymorphisms at minor allele frequencies (MAFs) >1% with common metabolic phenotypes. METHODS The study comprised three stages. We performed medium-depth (8×) whole exome sequencing in(More)
—Energy efficient asynchronous duty cycle MAC protocols are crucial to the success of wireless sensor networks (WSNs). In asynchronous protocols, each node operates its active/sleep schedule independently and enjoys a very low duty cycle when there is no traffic. However, when a node has data to send, it has to keep active and wait until the receiver wakes(More)
The paper describes an application of a new, non-linear dimensionality reduction method, named Isomap, for mining the structural knowledge from high-dimensional medical data. The algorithm was evaluated on two publicly available medical datasets: the pathological dataset of breast cancer (241 malignant samples) and the gene expression dataset from the lung(More)