X. Z. Wu

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As we all know, singularity is commonly encountered in parallel mechanisms. It is shown that the behavior of singularity of parallel mechanisms could be more complicated than that of serial ones. However, it is not very clear whether singularity will bring problems to kinematics, dynamics or other characteristics and what result will be caused when parallel(More)
Image recovery in diffuse optical tomography (DOT) of the human brain often relies on accurate models of light propagation within the head. In the absence of subject specific models for image reconstruction, the use of atlas based models are showing strong promise. Although there exists some understanding in the use of some limited rigid model registrations(More)
Fluoroscopic contrast resolution is commonly determined at a specified kVp by imaging a test object comprised of targets where contrast decreases gradually and sequentially. Threshold contrast or contrast resolution is the contrast of the lowest contrast target that can be perceived. This approach suffers from two problems. First, test object contrast is(More)
Surface tension measurements reveal surface freezing in liquid n-alkanes. A solid monolayer of molecules is found to exist up to 30 degrees C above the bulk freezing point. This surface phase exists only for carbon numbers 14 n </= 50. The measured carbon number and temperature dependence of the surface tension is interpreted within a simple thermodynamical(More)
Real-time imaging of human brain has become an important technique within neuroimaging. In this study, a fast and efficient sensitivity map generation based on Finite Element Models (FEM) is developed which utilises a reduced sensitivitys matrix taking advantage of sparsity and parallelisation processes. Time and memory efficiency of these processes are(More)
A new high-performance surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) substrate with extremely high SERS activity was produced. This SERS substrate combines the advantages of Au film over nanosphere (AuFON) substrate and Ag nanoparticles (AgNPs). A three order enhancement of SERS was observed when Rhodamine 6G (R6G) was used as a probe molecule to compare the(More)
Functional brain imaging has become an important neuroimaging technique for the study of brain organization and development. Compared to other imaging techniques, diffuse optical tomography (DOT) is a portable and low-cost technique that can be applied to infants and hospitalized patients using an atlas-based light model. For DOT imaging, the accuracy of(More)
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