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This paper investigates the Periodic Capacitated Arc Routing Problem (PCARP), which is often encountered in the waste collection application. PCARP is an extension of the well-known Capacitated Arc Routing Problem (CARP) from a single period to a multi-period horizon. PCARP is a hierarchical optimization problem which has a primary objective (minimizing the(More)
A challenging problem in path-oriented test data generation is the presence of infeasible paths. Timely detecting these infeasible paths cannot only save test resources but also improve test efficiency. A popular method of detecting infeasible paths is to determine branch correlations, which is a difficult task and usually cannot be done timely and exactly.(More)
Load Forecasting plays a critical role in the management, scheduling and dispatching operations in power systems, and it concerns the prediction of energy demand in different time spans. In future electric grids, to achieve a greater control and flexibility than in actual electric grids, a reliable forecasting of load demand could help to avoid dispatch(More)
Online service provision is becoming increasingly decentralized as system designers pursue the benefits gained from utilizing nodes at the periphery of the network. However, distributing control means relying on the cooperation of participating agents, and it is a significant challenge to design mechanisms that incentivise optimal global behavior in a(More)
Purpose: Urban rail transit is a complex and dynamic system, which is difficult to be described in a global mathematical model for its scale and interaction. In order to analyze the spatial and temporal characteristics of passenger flow distribution and evaluate the effectiveness of transportation strategies, a new and comprehensive method depicted such(More)
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