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In this paper we introduce a scheme for static analysis that allows us to partition large geometric datasets at multiple levels of granularity to achieve both load balancing in parallel computations and minimal access to secondary memory in out-of-core computations. The idea is illustrated and fully exploited for the case of isosurface extraction, but(More)
A sand-dust numerical model coupled with MM5(PSU/NCAR mesoscale model) –CUCSDust (CMA Unified Chemistry System-Dust) is introduced. CUCSDust includes such detail physical processes as dust production, transport, growth, coagulation, dry and wet deposition, which can simulate and forecast the initial and sand-dust concentration of sand and dust(More)
In this paper, a hierarchical control scheme for improving transient stability of power systems by thyristor controlled braking resistor is proposed. Based on three-level co- state prediction method of large-scale system principle, the control structure is organized into a two-layer controller. The lower layer is composed of decentralized local feedback(More)
An acceleration latching switch with integrated normally Open/Close paths is presented in this paper. Two arch trusses used as fracture parts of the normally-close path are connected in series to form the normally close path, which will be broken and latched by the latching mechanism to reach the open state once the input acceleration beyond threshold.(More)
A micro-acceleration latching switch with barb latching mechanism is presented in this paper. The latching mechanism which likes a “barb” can make the switch latch reliably. What's more, the flexible contacts can prevent the switch from opening due to impact resulting from the rebound or vibration of proof mass when the switch is latched. The(More)
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