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The functional supertype of HLA-A2 was investigated in the presentation of the A*0201-restricted Flu matrix p58-66 peptide to activate recall CD8+ T-cell response. In healthy Northern Chinese, the HLA-A2 supertype was mainly composed of the six alleles, A*0201 (26.4%), A*0206 (12.7%), A*0203 (8.2%), A*0207 (7.3%), A*0210 (1.8%) and A*0205 (0.9%), as(More)
IgE plays a critical role in the pathogenesis of allergy and asthma. Therefore, suppression of IgE production would provide therapeutic benefits to patients suffering from these diseases. We have reported that the production of IgE is regulated differently in the spleen vs. the draining lymph nodes (LN). IgE isotype switch and IgE producing B cell expansion(More)
IgE is critical in the pathogenesis of allergic disorders. In this report, we investigated the differential regulation of antigen-specific and by-stander IgE. Ovalbumin (OVA) immunization did not increase IgE producing cells in the spleen, but significantly enhanced the intracellular IgE content of all IgE+ cells. In contrast, OVA induced a significant(More)
The mechanism of asthenozoospermia remains unclear. The knowledge of the metabolism of fatty acids in seminal plasma is important and meaningful for the pathological study of asthenozoospermia. We present an optimised assay of extraction and derivatisation followed by GC/MS to analyse metabolites, especially fatty acids, in seminal plasma from healthy and(More)
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