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Mutations in GBA gene have been reported to be in patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) from different ethnic populations, including Taiwanese Chinese. To explore whether mutation in GBA is also associated with PD in Mainland China, we have now a case control study. The occurrence of the GBA L444P mutation was analyzed in an independent cohort of PD(More)
Mutation in UCH-L1 has been reported as a rare cause of autosomal dominant Parkinson's disease (PD). A S18Y polymorphism in the same gene has been associated with sporadic PD. We investigated the frequency of this polymorphism among the Han-Chinese ethnic population in a case-control study. A total of 600 patients with PD and 334 unrelated healthy controls(More)
BACKGROUND Genetic variability of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) may be associated with Parkinson's disease (PD). Its role in ethnic Chinese population is still unclear. Our study aimed to investigate whether MTHFR C677T variation was linked to PD risk in a Han Chinese population from mainland China. METHODS To investigate the association(More)
Wearable sweat biosensensing technology has dominantly relied on techniques which place planar-sensors or fluid-capture materials directly onto the skin surface. This 'on-skin' approach can result in sample volumes in the μL regime, due to the roughness of skin and/or due to the presence of hair. Not only does this increase the required sampling time to(More)
BACKGROUND A recent large-scale replication and heterogeneity study reported the new described GWAS locus (MCCC1/LAMP3 rs11711441) was associated with a reduced risk of Parkinson disease (PD) in Asian and Caucasian populations. Its role is still unknown in a Han Chinese population from mainland China. We genotyped the rs11711441 variant to investigate the(More)
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