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In view of greater complexity and high precision needed for assembling large-size airplane parts, we propose the digital flexible assembly technology system (DFATS) concept, for assembly of major-parts and alignments. The concept has been described and demonstrated by presenting the flexible assembly workstation prototype system for major-parts assembly and(More)
Traffic models developed for control include first order LWR model and second order models. The first order model is essentially density dynamics which states the conservation of the number of vehicles in a section of highway. Most second order models are essentially a speed dynamics coupled with the first order density dynamics. There are several second(More)
This paper is to investigate lane-wise flow-density (or equivalently speed-density) relationship which is generally called Fundamental Diagram (FD) over a stretch of homogeneous freeway section using the microscopic NGSIM data (Alexiadis, 2004). Particularly, it investigates how a homogenous traffic breakdown through data analysis and modeling. The(More)
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