X. Y. Li

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One of the significant trends in manufacturing planning is to make computer automated process planning and scheduling to work more cooperatively. To build up Cooperative Process Planning and Scheduling (CPPS), in this research, three game theory-based strategies, i.e., Pareto strategy, Nash strategy and Stackelberg strategy, have been introduced to analyze(More)
To investigate the effect of acylated ghrelin on the activation of TLR4/NF-κB signaling pathway induced by palmitic acid in human monocyte-derived (THP-1) macrophages, THP-1 macrophages were cultured for 12 h by palmitic acid with various concentrations. The THP-1 macrophages was pretreated by acylated ghrelin at different doses for 4 h before cultivated by(More)
In the present study, the second nuclear internal transcribed spacer (ITS-2) rDNA of Schistosoma japonicum isolates in mainland China was amplified, sequenced, and assessed for inferring the intra- and inter-species phylogenetic relationships of trematodes in the order Strigeata. The fragment containing ITS-2 rDNA was obtained from 24 S. japonicum isolates(More)
Pretarsi are the most important structures that allow flies to walk on various smooth surfaces and act as contact sensory organs. The pretarsal ultrastructure, including adhesive pads, claws, unguitractors, and bristles, of five calyptrate species are presented and described in detail, including Calliphora calliphoroides (Rohdendorf, 1931), Lucilia sericata(More)
Alhagi sparsifolia Shap. is exposed to a high-irradiance environment as the main vegetation found in the forelands of the Taklamakan Desert. We investigated chlorophyll a fluorescence emission of A. sparsifolia seedlings grown under ambient (HL) and shade (LL) conditions. Our results indicated that the fluorescence intensity in the leaves was significantly(More)
Rhinoestrus purpureus (Brauer, 1858) (Diptera: Oestridae) is an economically important parasite that can cause severe nasal myiasis in equids or even attacking humans. The antennae of R. purpureus were examined using stereoscopic microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. The general morphology was provided detailedly, together with distribution, type,(More)
Melophagus ovinus (Linnaeus 1758), Hippobosca equina Linnaeus, 1758, and Hippobosca longipennis Fabricius, 1805 (Diptera: Hippoboscidae) are economically and medically important ectoparasites that can act as mechanic vectors of pathogens and cause myiasis in both human and domestic animals. As essential olfactory organs, antennae of these adult hippoboscids(More)
Hypoderma lineatum (Villers, 1789) (Diptera: Oestridae) is a hypodermosis fly that has resulted in great economic losses worldwide. The antennae of cattle grub males and females were examined through stereoscopic microscopy and scanning electron microscopy to reveal the general morphology, combined with distribution, type, size, and ultrastructure of the(More)
Lucilia sericata (Meigen) is a cosmopolitan synanthropic fly of forensic and medical importance, which can work as a mechanic vector of pathogens or cause myiasis of both human and sheep. As essential olfactory organs, antennae of adult L. sericata were examined with stereoscopic microscope, scanning electron microscope, and laser scanning confocal(More)