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During the period of senescence of desert plant Alhagi sparsifolia Shap. the maximum photochemical quantum yield measured as variable to maximum fluorescence ratio (Fv/Fm) remained relatively high, although the number of active reaction centres per cross section (RCs) decreased significantly. The efficiency of electron acceptors beyond the primary quinone(More)
One of the significant trends in manufacturing planning is to make computer automated process planning and scheduling to work more cooperatively. To build up cooperative process planning and scheduling (CPPS), in this research, three game theory- based strategies, i.e., Pareto strategy, Nash strategy and Stackelberg strategy, have been introduced to analyze(More)
Alhagi sparsifolia Shap. is exposed to a high-irradiance environment as the main vegetation found in the forelands of the Taklamakan Desert. We investigated chlorophyll a fluorescence emission of A. sparsifolia seedlings grown under ambient (HL) and shade (LL) conditions. Our results indicated that the fluorescence intensity in the leaves was significantly(More)