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The interaction of trans-resveratrol (TRES) and bovine serum albumin (BSA) was investigated using fluorescence spectroscopy (FS) with Tachiya model. The binding number maximum of TRES was determined to be 8.86 at 293.15 K, 23.42 at 303.15 K and 33.94 at 313.15 K and the binding mechanism analyzed in detail. The apparent binding constants (K a) between TRES(More)
In multilayer OLED devices, the order and thickness of the emission layers have great effect on their spectrum. Based on the three basic colours of red, blue and green, a series of white organic light-emitting diodes(WOLEDS)with the structure of ITO/CuPc(12 nm)/NPB(50 nm)/EML/LiF(1 nm)/Al(100 nm) and a variety of emission layer's orders and thicknesses were(More)
The excitation spectrum and the emission spectrum of Pr3+ in CaSiO3 under the room temperature were studied. The emission spectrum was constituted of three emission bands, corresponding to the emissions of the lowest 4f5d states to the 3H4, 3H6, 1G4 of the 4f2 states. The emission of the 3P0 and 1D2 were not observed. The concentration quenching of Pr3+ was(More)