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BACKGROUND & AIMS Diseases of the stomach, including gastric cancer and peptic ulcer, are the most common digestive diseases. It is impossible to visualize the entire stomach with the passive capsule currently used in practice because of the large size of the gastric cavity. A magnetically controlled capsule endoscopy (MCE) system has been designed to(More)
We propose a more accurate and efficient reconstruction method used in testing large aspheric surfaces with annular subaperture interferometry. By the introduction of the Zernike annular polynomials that are orthogonal over the annular region, the method proposed here eliminates the coupling problem in the earlier reconstruction algorithm based on Zernike(More)
We have proposed a new absolute method to test rotationally asymmetric surface deviation. Relying on the high accuracy of Zernike polynomial fitting with least-squares algorithm for the low-frequency component and preserving the high-frequency component with the averaging method, the new method can guarantee the high accuracy of the measurement result with(More)
A new stray light analysis method and some suppression principles of panoramic annular lens (PAL) are introduced in this paper. The proposed method is to find stray light paths which are caused by ray splitting on two refractive surfaces of the PAL block and then cut them off. Following this principle, the stray light paths can be eliminated in the design(More)
A stable GaS passivating layer was deposited on GaAs using a-Ga2S3 powder as a single-source precursor. Both good crystal quality and clean GaS/GaAs interface were achieved. Electron-energy-loss spectra showed that the sulfide material has a band gap of 3.0 eV. The valence band discontinuity of the heterostructure was determined to be 1.9 eV from a series(More)
Experimental in situ photoluminescence and transient photovoltage results show that the interface formed by N, N{'}-Bis(naphthalene-1-yl)-N, N{'}-bis(phenyl) benzidine (NPB) and tris(8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum (Alq{3}) acts as an exciton dissociation site. Because of this dissociation effect, excitons formed in NPB at or within a diffusion length of the(More)
A general wavefront fitting procedure with Zernike annular polynomials for circular and annular pupils is proposed. For interferometric data of typical annular wavefronts with smaller and larger obscuration ratios, the results fitted with Zernike annular polynomials are compared with those of Zernike circle polynomials. Data are provided demonstrating that(More)
Manef Abderrabba Abha Agnihotri Andrew Allan Jean-Michel Ane Emilia L. Apostolova Klaus Appenroth Birgit Arnholdt-Schmitt Ricardo Aroca Isabel Arrillaga Folkard Asch Bayram Atasagun Keiichi Baba Shashi Babbar Frantisek Baluska Balazs Barna D. Bartels Carlos Bartoli Brigitta Basa Chris Beadle Ludger Beerhues Andres Belver Oliver Berkowitz Cincia Bertea(More)
An axicon is an optical element with rotational symmetry and cone shape, which is nowadays widely used in many fields of engineering, like laser beam shaping, imaging systems, optical testing, laser machining, etc. In this paper, we propose a new method to measure the cone angle and the shape of the axicon simultaneously by using a computer-generated(More)
Figure measuring interferometers generally work in the null condition, i.e., the reference rays share the same optical path with the test rays through the imaging system. In this case, except field distortion error, effect of other aberrations cancels out and doesn't result in measureable systematic error. However, for spatial carrier interferometry and(More)