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1. 20to2T5m target system configuration, field along the solenoid axis, and target geometry The geometric parameters of a carbon target for a Muon Accelerator Staging Study were optimized to maximize particle production by an incident, parallel proton beam with kinetic energies (KE) at 6.75-GeV using the MARS15 (2014) code (denoted MARS15 below). The(More)
BACKGROUND Knowledge of predominant microbial patterns in community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) constitutes the basis for initial decisions about empirical antimicrobial treatment, so a prospective study was performed during 2003-2004 among CAP of adult Chinese urban populations. METHODS Qualified patients were enrolled and screened for bacterial, atypical,(More)
Scalable photonic quantum technologies require on-demand single-photon sources with simultaneously high levels of purity, indistinguishability, and efficiency. These key features, however, have only been demonstrated separately in previous experiments. Here, by s-shell pulsed resonant excitation of a Purcell-enhanced quantum dot-micropillar system, we(More)
The target station at a 4-MW Muon Collider or Neutrino Factory will have a target module inside a shielding module inside a 15-20 T superconducting magnet. The target itself is a free mercury jet, moving at 20 m/s at an small angle to the magnetic axis, so as later to be collected in a mercury pool/beam dump. The replaceable target module includes the(More)
In this paper, a new model is designed for welding flexible manufacturing system (WFMS) of multiple robots in a different way with Petri net (PN), which is multi-robot WFMS time Petri net (MRWTPN). Because the complexity of information and the device of welding system, the function of inhibit arc is imported in the model and we design two-layer way in(More)
MicroRNAs are involved in the control of cell growth, and deregulated pulmonary artery smooth muscle cell proliferation plays an essential role in the development of pulmonary hypertension. The objective of this study was to identify differentially expressed microRNA(s) and explore its therapeutic role in treatment of the disease. MicroRNA expression(More)
Studying seed dormancy and its consequent effect can provide important information for vegetation restoration and management. The present study investigated seed dormancy, seedling emergence and seed survival in the soil seed bank of Stipa bungeana, a grass species used in restoration of degraded land on the Loess Plateau in northwest China. Dormancy of(More)
  • R J Weggel, J S Berg, +5 authors N Souchlas
  • 2013
The baseline target concept for a Muon Collider or Neutrino Factory is a free mercury jet within a 20-T magnetic field being impacted by an 8-GeV proton beam. A pool of mercury serves as a receiving reservoir for the mercury and a dump for the unexpended proton beam. Modifications to this baseline are discussed in which the field at the target is reduced(More)
Serpentinization potentially contributes to the origin and evolution of life during early history of the Earth. Serpentinization produces molecular hydrogen (H2) that can be utilized by microorganisms to gain metabolic energy. Methane can be formed through reactions between molecular hydrogen and oxidized carbon (e.g., carbon dioxide) or through biotic(More)