X. Wen

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Large-scale gene expression data sets are revolutionizing the field of functional genomics. However, few data analysis techniques fully exploit this entirely new class of data. We present a linear modeling approach that allows one to infer interactions between all the genes included in the data set. The resulting model can be used to generate interesting(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs), small and non-coding endogenous RNAs ∼22 nucleotides (nt) in length, have been known to regulate approximately 30 % of human gene expression at the post-transcriptional and translational levels. Accumulating data have demonstrated that certain miRNAs could exert an oncogenic and/or tumor suppressive function and might play essential(More)
Optical lithography, the enabling process for defining features, has been widely used in semiconductor industry and many other nanotechnology applications. Advances of nanotechnology require developments of high-throughput optical lithography capabilities to overcome the optical diffraction limit and meet the ever-decreasing device dimensions. We report our(More)
In recent years RNA-seq protocols have been developed to investigate a variety of biological problems by measuring the abundance of different RNAs. Many study designs involve performing expensive preliminary studies to screen or optimize experimental conditions. Testing a large number of conditions in parallel may be more cost effective. For example,(More)
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