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Ochratoxin A (OA), a mycotoxin commonly found in soils and on moldy food such as cereal grains, is a potent teratogen. The present investigation was designed to examine the teratogenicity of OA administered acutely at early post-implantation stages in mice, with particular emphasis on the pathogenetic basis of induced malformations. Maternal OA(More)
AIM The present study was aimed to investigate the developmental patterns of growth hormone receptor (GHr) and somatostatin (SS) mRNA expression in porcine gastric tissue and its relationship with gastric growth and gastric functional development. METHODS Erhualian and Large White boars were selected randomly and sampled at birth (D0), 3, 20, 30, 90, 120(More)
AIM To determine the in vivo and in vivo effects of cysteamine (CS) on expression and activity of H(+)-K(+)-ATPase of gastric mucosal cells in weaning piglets. METHODS Eighteen litters of newborn Xinhuai piglets were employed in the in vivo experiment and allocated to control and treatment groups. From 12 d of age (D12), piglets in control group were fed(More)
GH and IGF-1 may serve as negative feedback factors to regulate GH secretion from pituitary by binding to their respective receptors in hypothalamus and/or pituitary. In order to evaluate the line-specific developmental patterns of negative feedback regulation of GH secretion, Erhualian (EHL) and Large White (LW) pigs with significant difference in growth(More)
Caudal dysgenesis/sirenomelia is a malformation complex for which the pathogenesis is controversial. This report describes the particular vulnerability of specific caudal structures to Ochratoxin A (OA), a fungal toxin, as the basis for caudal dysgenesis in an avian model. The experimental procedure involved injection of 1 microgram of OA into the air sac(More)
Growth hormone (GH) is essential for postnatal growth in animal, it regulates numerous cellular functions by direct effect on its receptor (GH-R) in many different tissues. In present experiment single tube semi-quantitative RT-PCR was applied to investigate the developmental patterns of GH-R, IGF-1 and IGF-I R mRNA expression in dorsal subcutaneous adipose(More)
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