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Accurate material models are necessary to obtain meaningful results in computational simulation. The results of materials testing and the process of developing a material model for solder under impact loading are presented in this paper. The material model is to be used in the simulation of electronic packages under drop impacts. As such, it is necessary to(More)
Lead free solders with Sn-Ag-Cu (SAC) alloy compositions are now widely used in the electronics industry. Further enhancement of SAC solders by small addition of a forth element is aimed to improve the solder mechanical properties and the solder joint properties at the intermetallic bond interfaces. The addition of Ce to SAC solder with an alloy composition(More)
For the first time, this letter presents a novel post-backend strain applying technique and the study of its impact on MOSFET device performance. By bonding the Si wafer after transistor fabrication onto a plastic substrate (a conventional packaging material FR-4), a biaxial-tensile strain (/spl sim/0.026%) was achieved globally and uniformly across the(More)
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