X. W. Wang

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For a high-performance cocatalyst-modified photocatalyst, an effective interfacial separation of photogenerated electron from its corresponding holes and its following reduction reaction at the active sites are highly required. However, it is difficult for a single-component cocatalyst to simultaneously realize the crucial functions. In this study, an(More)
Stochastic and inhomogeneous conformational changes regulate the function and dynamics of ion channels that are crucial for cell functions, neuronal signaling, and brain functions. We have developed a new combined approaches of using single ion channel patch-clamp electrical recording and single-molecule fluorescence imaging for probing ion channel(More)
Reliable numerical simulation of failure is important for the design and planning of new solids and structures, as well as for the safety assessment of existing ones. In the past two decades, gradient and non-local models for regularizing loss of ellipticity due to material failure using non-standard finite element method and more recently the meshfree(More)
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