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BACKGROUND Many clinical trials have showed that early fluid resuscitation can improve the prognosis and reduce the mortality rate of patients with septic shock. However, some experiments suggest that abundant fluid may injure the lung and other tissues. AIM To evaluate the protective effect of early fluid resuscitation and simultaneous norepinephrine(More)
An animal model of marginal zinc deficiency was tested in mice, and salt taste threshold and salt preference were investigated in the state of marginal zinc deficiency. Two experiments were conducted. In Experiment 1, four-week-old male ICR mice were fed diets of three different levels of zinc content (3.17, 9.27, or 48.13 micrograms Zn/g) for 60 days. Food(More)
Panic disorder (PD) is a moderately heritable anxiety disorder whose pathogenesis is not well understood. Due to the lack of power in previous association studies, genes that are truly associated with PD might not be detected. In this study, we conducted a genome-wide association study (GWAS) in two independent data sets using the Affymetrix Mapping 500K(More)
We recently reported that ZBTB7A is a bona fide transcription repressor of key glycolytic genes and its downregulation in human cancer contributes to tumor metabolism. As reduced expression of ZBTB7A is found only in a subset of human cancers, we explored alternative mechanisms of its inactivation by mining human cancer genome databases. We discovered(More)
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