X. Tan

L.M. Lewis1
O. Schröder1
1L.M. Lewis
1O. Schröder
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The oxidation kinetics of alumina-forming metals can be affected by adding a small amount of a reactive (normally rare earth) element oxide (RExOy) and the segregation of the reactive element (RE) ions to the growing alumina grain boundaries (GBs) has been considered as a responsible reason. However, this interpretation remains a controversial issue as to(More)
This paper presents a model predictive control approach for the energy management problem of a power-split hybrid electric vehicle system with slope information. The new features of this study are as follows. First, the vehicle speed model which includes the slope information is incorporated in the full-order model of the power-split hybrid electric vehicle(More)
In this paper, we propose a local and contextual controlled (LCC) fourth order partial differential equation (PDE) method for noise removal. First, a region based fourth order PDE is proposed, which conductance coefficients are chosen adaptively in terms of the domain type. Thus, the proposed method can preserve the advantages of forth order PDE and avoid(More)
Using a comprehensive set of discovery and optimization tools, antibodies were produced with the ability to neutralize SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV) infection in Vero E6 cells and in animal models. These anti-SARS antibodies were discovered using a novel DNA display method, which can identify new antibodies within days. Once neutralizing antibodies were(More)
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