X. Tan

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To design high-internal-phase emulsion (HIPE) systems is of great interest from the viewpoints of both fundamental researches and practical applications. Here we demonstrate for the first time the utilization of metal-organic framework (MOF) for HIPE formation. By stirring the mixture of water, oil and MOF at room temperature, the HIPE stabilized by the(More)
The oxidation kinetics of alumina-forming metals can be affected by adding a small amount of a reactive (normally rare earth) element oxide (RExOy) and the segregation of the reactive element (RE) ions to the growing alumina grain boundaries (GBs) has been considered as a responsible reason. However, this interpretation remains a controversial issue as to(More)
The construction of three-dimensional graphene aerogels (GAs) is of great importance owing to their outstanding properties for various applications. Up to now, the combination of ultralow weight and super mechanical strength for GA remains a great challenge. Here we demonstrate the fabrication of cellular GAs by a facile, easily controlled and versatile(More)
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