X. T. Lin

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In order to obtain high luminosity and energy efficiency in future linear col-liders, it is desirable to accelerate a train of closely spaced bunches on each rf pulse of the machine. There can be severe multibunch beam break-up in such a collider unless some means of strongly suppressing the transverse wakefield is incorporated into the design of the(More)
A molecular network that exhibits critical correlations in the spatial order that is characteristic of a random, entropically stabilized, rhombus tiling is described. Specifically, we report a random tiling formed in a two-dimensional molecular network of p-terphenyl-3,5,3',5'-tetracarboxylic acid adsorbed on graphite. The network is stabilized by hexagonal(More)
This study was undertaken to explore the anatomic features and adjacent relationships of the pineal region in thin coronal sections. After CT and MR examination verifying no brain lesions, one normal cadaver head was selected for this study from three Chinese adult male cadavers. After being embedded and frozen, the head was sliced into serial sections at(More)
The complexity and efficiency aspects of a distributed application protocol (e.g., replicated data access) are often intertwined with the application-specific communication requirements between protocol entities and the underlying primitives for message broadcasting. For instance, the choice between recovery by application from a mis-ordered message(More)
A novel bridgeless Buck power factor correction (PFC) converter with only half dead zones is proposed in this paper. The operation of the proposed PFC converter can be divided into two different modes including Buck mode in positive line cycles and Cuk mode in negative line cycles. Compared with the bridge or bridgeless Buck PFC converter, only half dead(More)
Drought after the jointing stage restricted the growth and yield formation in wheat. Supplemental irrigation (SI) at Z31 (Zadoks Stage 31) reduced the ABA concentrations in the leaves of the inferior tillers (T3 and T10) and improved the survival rate of the tillers. Additional SI at Z60 reduced the ABA concentrations in the flag leaves of ear-bearing stems(More)
The purpose of this study was to explore the anatomical complexity and adjacent relationships of the sellar region in thin continuous sections so as to provide intimate morphological data for imaging diagnosis and surgical operations of the diseases in this region. After CT and MR examination verifying no brain lesions, one normal cadaver head was selected(More)
Owing to its energy-saving and environment-friendly features, the fuel cell car has become the future trend of vehicle development. To prolong the engine’s life span, the suspension of fuel cell engine needs to be appropriately designed, which relies on the testing of vibration parameters. In this paper, a set of vehicular vibration testing system(More)
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