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We have solved the single crystal X-ray structure of the synthetic DNA hexamer d(CCGCGG). The central alternating tetramer forms a Z-DNA duplex. The initial cytosine of each strand of the duplex swings out and forms a Watson-Crick base-pair with the terminal guanine of a symmetry-related molecule. Thus, two symmetry-related DNA molecules form a twin with(More)
The R3i Foundation (Residual Risk Reduction Initiative), an independent, multinational and academic organization, is conducting the REALIST (Residual Risk, Lipids and Standard Therapies) study in 40 centers in different countries. This is a retrospective epidemiological study, designed to provide new data on the residual risk of major coronary events(More)
PERFILS, a computer program written in Borland TurboPascal, performs quantitative analysis of footprinting experiments using any IBM PC or compatible microcomputer. The program uses the height of the bands obtained from densitometric scanning of footprinting autoradiographs to calculate a differential cleavage plot. Such a plot displays, on a logarithmic(More)
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