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The effects of some nutritional conditions, such as peptone concentration, feeding glucose as well as oxygen supply manner and ratio of C/N in batch culture, on the fermentative production of pyruvic acid by Torulopsis glabrata WSH-IP12 were investigated. In shaking-flask culture: (1) peptone of more than 20 g/L inhibited the accumulation of pyruvic acid;(More)
A multi-vitamin auxotroph, Torulopsis glabrata strain WSH-IP303, which can use ammonium chloride as a sole nitrogen source for pyruvate production, was selected. To optimize pyruvate yield and productivity, a simple but useful, orthogonal design method, was used to investigate the relationship between thiamine, nicotinic acid, pyridoxine, biotin, and(More)
The effect of nicotinic acid, thiamine, pyridoxine, biotin and riboflavin on the production of pyruvic acid by Torulopsis glabrata WSH-IP303 with glucose as carbon source and NH4Cl as sole nitrogen source was investigated. By using orthogonal experiment method, thiamine was confirmed to be the most important factor affecting the production of pyruvic acid.(More)
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