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A Na+/H+ antiporter catalyzes the transport of Na+ and H+ across the tonoplast membrane. We isolated a vacuolar Na+/H+ antiporter cDNA (SsNHX1) clone from a euhalophyte, Suaeda salsa. The nuclear sequence contains 2262 bp with an open reading frame of 1665 bp. The deduced amino acid sequence is similar to that of AtNHX1 and OsNHX1 in rice, with the highest(More)
A partial-length A-myb complementary DNA recently cloned by low-stringency hybridization with a c-myb probe to complementary DNA libraries derived from human cell lines showed a high degree of homology with the DNA-binding domain of c-myb and B-myb, suggesting that A-myb also encoded a DNA-binding protein. We report here the sequence of the entire coding(More)
The aim of this study was to identify qualitative and quantitative changes in the character of water-extractable organic matter (WEOM) in soils as a consequence of soil aquifer treatment (SAT). Soil samples were obtained from a soil-column system with a 2-year operation, and divided into seven layers from top to bottom: CS1 (0-12.5 cm), CS2 (12.5-25 cm),(More)
The effect of 23 sodium alginate preparations from different species of algae (Sargassum sp.) and kelp (Laminaria sp.) on reducing the absorption of strontium was studied in detail. A pilot production procedure has been established. Na alginate from S. siliquastrum was proven to be a potent agent for reducing Sr absorption, with high efficiency and(More)
The A-myb gene is a transcription factor that shares structural and functional similarities with the v-myb oncogene. To date, v-myb is the only myb gene directly implicated in tumorigenesis, a property attributed to its transactivating ability. Recent studies have demonstrated that A-myb, like v-myb, is a potent transcriptional activator, raising the(More)
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