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Calixarenes are macrocyclic oligomers having the shape of a conical vase. Their inner cavity can accommodate various guest molecules, i. e. form supramolecules. Thus, calixarenes can be employed to manipulate selectivity in separation sciences. The essential step of separation is the interaction between calixarene and analytes. Therefore, in the present(More)
RSS feeds provide a fast and effective way to publish up-to-date information or renew outdated contents for information subscribers. So far RSS information is mostly managed by content publishers but Internet users have less initiative to choose what they really need. More attention needs to be paid on techniques for user-initiative information discovery(More)
A simple yet high-speed scheme by utilizing modulation instability (MI) on the discrete-time generation of random bits is proposed and demonstrated experimentally. We develop MI pulses by pumping a highly nonlinear fiber in the anomalous dispersion regime using a mode-locked laser. MI pulses contain fluctuating pulse-to-pulse variations of peak intensities(More)
A temporal cloak with a significantly extended cloaking window and spatial distribution is created using the inverse temporal Talbot effect. The continuously cloaking window and the total cloaking ratio are 196 ps and 74%, respectively, which are 5.4 and 1.6 times larger than the previous record. Moreover, the cloak is maintained over 5-km of(More)
We investigate numerically and experimentally the spectral correlation between multiple modulation instability (MI) side lobes in a dispersion oscillating fiber. By leveraging the dispersive Fourier transformation, we acquire instantaneous spectra and investigate the energy correlation between individual MI sidebands through scattergrams. We found that(More)
Dual-band optical coherence tomography (OCT) can greatly enhance the imaging contrast with potential applications in functional (spectroscopic) analysis. A new simultaneous dual-band Fourier domain mode-locked swept laser configuration for dual-band OCT is reported. It was based on a custom-designed dual-channel driver to synchronize two different(More)
To predict the customers' transaction behavior is essential to the basic work of client management in BtoC website. The Pareto/NBD model was generally accepted in this field. The BG/NBD model is an improved model of the Pareto/NBD. The paper makes use of actual transaction data at a site in Liaoning province to verify the applicability of the BG/NBD in this(More)
We demonstrate an all-fiber breathing laser as inertia-free swept source (BLISS), with an ultra-compact design, for the emerging ultrafast bioimaging modalities. The unique feature of BLISS is its broadband wavelength-swept operation (∼60  nm) with superior temporal stability in terms of both long term (0.08 dB over 27 h) and shot-to-shot power variations(More)
A tri-band spectroscopic optical coherence tomography (SOCT) system has been implemented for visualization of lipid and blood vessel distribution. The tri-band swept source, which covers output spectrum in 1.3, 1.5, and 1.6  μm wavelength windows, is based on a dual-band Fourier domain mode-locked laser and a fiber optical parametric amplifier. This(More)
We proposed a sensitivity enhancement method of the interference-based signal detection approach and applied it on a swept-source optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT) system through all-fiber optical parametric amplifier (FOPA) and parametric balanced detector (BD). The parametric BD was realized by combining the signal and phase conjugated idler band that(More)