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The development of genome sequencing and DNA microarray analysis of gene expression gives rise to the demand for data-mining tools. BioProspector, a C program using a Gibbs sampling strategy, examines the upstream region of genes in the same gene expression pattern group and looks for regulatory sequence motifs. BioProspector uses zero to third-order Markov(More)
This paper is a reminder of the danger of allowing ``risk'' when synchronizing a parallel discrete-event simulation: a simulation code that runs correctly on a serial machine may, when run in parallel, fail catastrophically. This can happen when Time Warp presents an ``inconsistent'' message to an LP, a message that makes absolutely no sense given the LP's(More)
—This paper focuses on the problem of delay-dependent robust fuzzy control for a class of nonlinear delay systems via state feedback. The Takagi–Sugeno (T–S) fuzzy model is adopted for representing a nonlinear system with time delayed state. A delay-dependent stabilization criterion is first presented. Then, the methods of robust stabilization and robust(More)
We present a method for segmenting images consisting of texture and nontexture regions based on local spectral histograms. Defined as a vector consisting of marginal distributions of chosen filter responses, local spectral histograms provide a feature statistic for both types of regions. Using local spectral histograms of homogeneous regions, we decompose(More)
AIMS/HYPOTHESIS Human complex metabolic traits are in part regulated by genetic determinants. Here we applied exome sequencing to identify novel associations of coding polymorphisms at minor allele frequencies (MAFs) >1% with common metabolic phenotypes. METHODS The study comprised three stages. We performed medium-depth (8×) whole exome sequencing in(More)
utility computing, resource containers, resource entitlement, adaptive control In this paper, we describe the problem of designing online feedback control algorithms to dynamically adjust entitlement values for a resource container on a server shared by multiple applications. The goal is to quickly determine the minimum level of entitlement the container(More)
This paper is concerned with the robust synchronization problem for an array of coupled stochastic discrete-time neural networks with time-varying delay. The individual neural network is subject to parameter uncertainty, stochastic disturbance, and time-varying delay, where the norm-bounded parameter uncertainties exist in both the state and weight(More)
Galunisertib (LY2157299), a selective ATP-mimetic inhibitor of TGF-β receptor I (TGF-βRI), is the only known TGF-β pathway inhibitor. In the present study, we investigated the effect of galunisertib on taurocholate (TAC)-induced acute pancreatitis (AP) in rats, and the role of TGF-β and NF-κB signaling pathways. AP was induced by infusion of TAC into the(More)