X. Liao

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Since the discovery of carbon nanotubes in 1991 by Iijima, there has been great interest in creating long, continuous nanotubes for applications where their properties coupled with extended lengths will enable new technology developments. For example, ultralong nanotubes can be spun into fibres that are more than an order of magnitude stronger than any(More)
Media streams distribution over a wired network to static hosts can be realized by Client/Server mode or Peer-to-Peer overlay networks. However, if the end hosts are mobile over heterogeneous wireless access networks, one needs to consider many operational issues such as network detection, handoff, join and leave latency, and desired level of quality of(More)
We present the fabrication and test results of Hot-Isostatic-Pressed (HIPed) Powder-in-Tube (PIT) MgB 2 coils. The coils properties were measured by transport and magnetization at different applied fields (H) and temperatures (T). The engineering critical current (J e) value is the largest reported in PIT MgB 2 wires or tapes. At 25 K our champion 6-layer(More)
Scanning electron microscopy transmission Kikuchi diffraction is able to identify twins in nanocrystalline material, regardless of their crystallographic orientation. In this study, it was employed to characterize deformation twins in Cu/10 wt % Zn processed by high-pressure torsion. It was found that in 83% of grains containing twins, at least one twin(More)
between hardness and shear banding of metallic glasses under nanoindentation. Effect of equal channel angular pressing on thee thermal-annealing-induced microstructure and texturee evolution of cold-rolledcopper. Effect of equal channel angular pressing on the thermal-annealing-induced microstructure and texture evolution of cold-rolled copper. (2016).(More)
The virtualization gives the power of partitioning the physical host in to multiple virtual machines. We can manage the number of active host and their power consumption by migrating the virtual machines according to their resource requirement and current status on that particular host. Service level agreement is the main thing and essential one for giving(More)
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