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Liposome encapsulated haemoglobin (LEH), a blood substitute, has been shown to increase serum IL-6 levels in mice, but the cellular source of this cytokine is unknown. These experiments were conducted to determine cytokine gene expression by macrophages (P388D1) and endothelial cells (EOMA) after LEH treatment in vitro. P388D1 and EOMA cells were incubated(More)
Injection of the red cell substitute liposome-encapsulated haemoglobin (LEH) induces increased serum interleukin (IL)-6 in the absence of other inflammatory cytokines. In vitro studies found that IL-6 mRNA was increased in Mphi and endothelial cell lines by co-culture with LEH. In the present study, cytokine mRNA expression in extracts of livers, spleens,(More)
Orally administered interleukin (IL)-6 has been shown to be of benefit in eliminating Campylobacter infection and in preventing sepsis following hemorrhage. In related experiments, it was seen that proliferating cells were found in the spleens of untreated mice given IL-6 by oral gavage. Injection of the DNA label, BrdU, showed that significant(More)
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